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April 2024 - Week 2 Roundup



Sighted on: 09.April.2024

Lioness protecting a cub from an unknown male

It's interesting how various predators have adapted to the harsh Kalahari environment. A night drive is a must to enjoy the complete Kalahari experience, as it offers a unique opportunity to witness lions' behaviour. During this evening's night drive, our guests were fortunate to witness their hunting skills, which gave them a deeper understanding of the lion's role in this extraordinary environment. We use a red filter on our spotlight during the night drive as it enhances the viewing experience (reduces eye fatigue in humans) and does not interfere with the lion's power of sight. In fact, many mammals do not notice red light at all. As the weather was favourable, we were able to spot them in a relaxed state before they started their hunting activities.

Content Creator / Photographer:

Zizie Seitaa


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