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April 2024 - Week 3 Roundup



Sighted on: 17.April.2024

Lioness protecting a cub from an unknown male

The Kalahari lion, resting beneath the shade of an acacia tree after feasting on a male kudu they successfully hunted, stretches its jaws in a display of both relaxation and physical readiness. This act not only serves to limber up its muscles after a meal but also communicates its satisfaction and dominance within the pride. In the scorching heat of the desert, opening its jaws wide aids in thermoregulation, allowing the lion to dissipate excess heat through panting and maintain its body temperature. These natural behaviours, including yawning and jaw stretching, are essential for the lion's physical and social well-being, contributing to its adaptation and survival in the harsh environment of the Kalahari.

Content Creator / Photographer:

Mogomotisi Maboga


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