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March 2024 - Week 2 Roundup



Sighted on: 12.March.2024


In the Kalahari, a semi-arid region known for its vast stretches of sandy plains, sparse vegetation, and scattered acacia trees, leopards exhibit a remarkable ability to adapt their camouflage to this unique environment. The golden-yellow colour of their fur provides an excellent match to the dry grasses and sand, helping them blend seamlessly into the arid landscape. The dark spots and rosettes on their coats serve as effective disruptive patterns, breaking up their outline and allowing them to remain inconspicuous, even in the harsh sunlight. Additionally, the sparse vegetation and open terrain in the Kalahari demand a high level of stealth from leopards, and their natural camouflage aids in stalking prey, enabling them to get closer without being easily detected. Despite the challenging conditions of the Kalahari, leopards showcase their adaptability by utilizing their well-camouflaged fur to navigate and thrive in this arid environment.

Content Creator / Photographer:

Mogomotisi Maboga


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