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March 2024 - Week 3 Roundup


European Bee-eaters

Sighted on: 19.March.2024


During our morning game drive, we observed European Bee-eaters exhibiting interesting behaviour. As they approached the water pan, their vibrant plumage and melodious singing added a picturesque element to the scene. They engaged in diving into the water for a few minutes, showcasing a multifaceted purpose. This behaviour serves to regulate body temperature, engage in feather maintenance, and eliminate parasites. Additionally, it may involve foraging, given these birds' adeptness in aerial insect-hunting. Remarkably, European Bee-Eaters are migratory birds embarking on a journey to Southern Africa to escape the winter season in Europe. Typically migrating during late summer and autumn, this seasonal movement allows them to find favourable temperatures and abundant food sources before returning to their European breeding grounds in spring.

Content Creator / Photographer:

Mogomotisi Maboga


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