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November 2023 - Week 1 Roundup



Sighted on: 03.November.2023


We were fortunate to spot two female lions during the game drive today. They were seen resting in the undergrowth as the temperatures are still relatively high. The lions of the Kalahari are well adapted to the habitat and can survive for long spells without water. A semi-arid climate with low erratic rainfall characterizes the Kalahari. The average annual precipitation in the wettest areas is around 20 inches, while the driest areas receive only 4 to 8 inches of rainfall yearly. Many species of animals and plants have adapted to this harsh climate such as the black maned Kalahari lions, steenbok and acacia plant species, the umbrella thorn & black thorn. We are now due to receive the first showers of the season, which will result in a complete transformation of the landscape from dry to green.

Content Creator / Photographer:

Freeman Kaisara


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