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October 2023 - Week 3 Roundup


African Wild Cat

Sighted on: 19.October.2023

African wild cat sheltering in a termite mound

During the evening game drive, we encountered an African Wild Cat sheltering in a termite mound. Termite mounds are important to many animals. The mounds help to create biologically diverse habitats crucial to the survival of many species. When ants and termites die, their bodies provide nutrients for the soil around the mound. Predators use these mounds as a vantage point to scan the surroundings for prey. Many animals such as hyenas, warthog, mongoose and wild cats will use termite mounds to create their burrows. Many reptiles like snakes and Monitor Lizards also use abandoned termite mounds as shelters, as they provide them more comfortable temperatures, warm at nights and cool during the days; which is especially important for them in the harsh Kalahari environment.

Content Creator / Photographer:

Mogomotisi Maboga


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